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Sculpture Rejected: Club Explicit Magazine Cover by Emma Lehto

Rejected: Club Explicit Magazine Cover

Cut paper, paper sculpture | Size: 8.5 x 10.75 | 2016

I had made this piece for an art show, the theme was focused on nudity. This work was rejected. At first I was really disappointed, I was informed it was not explicit enough nor was there enough skin exposed to qualify. After a few days had passed, it forced me to re-examine the work and why I made it to begin with; as I was afraid that I would only discover I had made it presuming that it would be automatically be accepted. 

What I discovered instead, was that unlike my previous this work I purposely deconstructed her breast/chest area and crotch area exposing the inner pages of the magazine while juxtaposing it with her face, body posture and text. 
The purpose of this magazine is adult nudity. Her posture forces the viewer to a very limited image of what her body anatomy would be, I think the viewer should be free from such a limited view. I would like the viewer to discover, imagine another perspective than what is being presented to them.